Education-Page-1The Montessori Philosophy is used to develop a child’s lifelong love of learning among many other attributes. Dr. Montessori didn’t consider a disciplined child one that had the ability to be silent and still. Rather, self-discipline happens when a child is absorbed in his or her work, especially when that work is purposeful and the child can relate it directly to their environment. The use of materials and lessons involves movement and touching; however, all activity in the classroom is guided by the principles of respect for the work of others, the teacher and the lesson materials themselves. The order and beauty of the lesson materials help to remind the children to return the materials to their place carefully and neatly. The lessons are designed to meet the specific needs of each age group and are inviting but not over-stimulating. The child has the opportunity to choose from a variety of lessons to work on where the child himself is the main guide. The teacher observes the children and is trained to see signs of readiness for the next lesson. The mixed age classroom allows younger children a varied picture of what is to come and the older children are able to reinforce their own knowledge by helping the younger ones. Mixing ages also accommodates many different levels of pace and ability of the children in each level.